A:はい、そうです! これは、左肩が前方か下方へ転位していることにより起こります。







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 This is a question from a woman.

A: Yes, that’s right! This is caused by the left shoulder being displaced forward or downward.

This person knew that his right leg was long, so the left shoulder was displaced forward as shown by the red line in the right figure, which is the cause.

By the way, the basic type is that the spine rises with one odd-numbered kyphosis as shown in yellow ⑬ in the right figure or three odd-numbered kyphosis as shown by the green circle, but on the contrary, the left shoulder is raised with even-numbered kyphosis. Although the shoulders are lowered, such a difference in height of the shoulders also causes the backpack’s shoulder straps to shift and the bag to be easily and difficult to hang on the shoulders.

Such dislocation of the upper body is caused by distortion of the pelvis.

Pelvic distortion occurs because the leg muscles are unevenly distributed due to lifestyle habits and sports, resulting in abnormal hip joint angles and pelvic distortion.

Also, do you not notice that the backpack is bent? Do you see anyone who says that?

This is also a phenomenon that tends to occur when the body is distorted and the feeling of balance is lost, and since the way of carrying such an unbalanced backpack further distorts the body, packing should be done evenly on the left and right. Please check the left and right equality with the length of.

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