Q: 菱形筋のストレッチはやって良いですか? A:だめです♡


肩甲骨はがし 菱形筋ストレッチ













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Q: Can I stretch my rhombus? A: No! ♡
This is a question of a patient.

It seems to be a stretch that was told to do every day at the Bodai Senior High School which had been given before.

Recently, I’m doing well on health issues even in the mass media such as television, so everyone is surprised to see some people more detailed than me, such as muscle name.

It is very important to have an interest in your own body and work on gymnastics etc for yourself, but there are a lot of things that we can not recommend, so be careful.

This person worked for PC at work, the posture was bad for a long time to do smaho, and I was troubled with stiff shoulder stiffness, neck pain, headache due to the progress of stooping.

First of all, the diamond muscle is the muscle connecting the shoulder blades and the spine, so the shoulder blades and the shoulder blades will naturally get away from each other as they become a back, so this muscle is pulled and stretched.

So, it is a part that will hurt if you massage this place ~, or a comfortable ~, but because it is already stretched and stretched, stretching there is quite the opposite, is not it?

Indeed, immediately after stretching, the muscles are relaxed and blood flow also improves for a moment, so if you go back to the posture of back stooping and say “Ah ~ It felt good”, the back where the softness became softer and the resistance disappeared It is becoming stooped.

Therefore, this person says “Things have been good since it seems to be somewhat after exercising or after exercising yourself, but I have been going on forever, but recently I got a bad headache and I was looking for other methods” was.

This is the fear of coping therapy.

So, is health law, health gymnastics etc. better than the first week immediately after doing it? Have you been getting better from a month ago? If you do not choose it with reference to it, this can happen.
Also, it will be bad because you do not consider the patient’s attitude in total.

Besides softening the body, if we do not tackle weak muscle training, we will eat tapping someday.

Everyone, if there is a question in health law, health gymnastics etc, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I will answer within the range that I can answer with my findings and Chengyang therapy views.