Q:こちらでは開脚が良く無いと言われていますが、また割り・しこ踏み 健康法はどうなんでしょうか?












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Sumo wrestlers also train to split (open leg stretch) and step on to increase flexibility.

However, in order to support that flexibility, the adductor muscles of the inner thigh are trained more than that by training with sliding legs and guns as shown in the picture, so you can make a strong and sticky waist and support a heavy body. is.

I think that people who are training daily such as running on sandy beaches and climbing slopes will need to stretch their legs, but ordinary people do not need to open their legs at all. , My idea.

Because humans have strong muscles outside the femur .

And, the inner muscles will soon weaken without training such as walking.

As we get older, many people have O-legs and stoops, because the muscles on the outside of the Femur are usually strong.

In most people, the muscles on the outside of the Femur are stronger than the muscles on the inside, so if you don’t train the inside to keep the balance, you will become more and more stooped. (Because the famous actress of yesteryear did squats with open legs, the stoop has advanced)

Furthermore, the dangerous point of this stepping is that it does not consider the laterality of the leg muscles at all.

If there is already a difference between the left and right, the difference will only widen without the consciousness of trying to eliminate it, that is, the body will be distorted.

Although each person’s physical condition is different, the same exercise and the same stretch cannot be done.

By all means, please be aware of these when implementing the Health Law.

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