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 Recently, I received a similar question from someone who is playing tennis.

“When I play tennis, my legs often get stuck, what should I do?”

Since both dance and tennis are sports that are preloaded, it is unavoidable to put a burden on the back of Thighs and sneakers, but excessive burdens can cause strains. So I have to do something about it.

In any sport, if the core axis is not solid, muscles cannot be used efficiently, causing meaningless force damage to the body.

And it is the muscles of the legs that bring stability to that axis.

Only when the muscles of the legs stabilize the pelvis can the upper body gain freedom.

However, since the hip joint is a joint that moves in all directions, which is called a full-movement joint, the muscles of the thighs of the legs tend to lose balance.

If the muscles behind the peaches and sneakers are tense, it is possible that the hip joint is twisted inward.

At our office, we will correct the hip joint so that the Thighs and sneak are straight, and aim to solve a training method that allows you to keep that state yourself.

What you can do by yourself is to sit properly in a chair, to prevent your toes from opening when walking, to train your adductor muscles, and to stretch your legs. It is to protect nothing! !!

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