• 足先を真っ直ぐにする事
  • 右の骨盤が前方に出易いので、左脚の歩幅をやや大きく、右脚の歩幅を小さくするとバランスが良くなります。
  • 骨盤から歩くという感じのイメージを持って歩いていただきたいのですが、それが強すぎるとそれこそぶん回し歩行になってしまいますので、骨盤からコンパクトに歩く練習をこれからもしていきましょう。






  歩き方を徹底指導! 歩く事は生きる事の基本と考える礒谷療法ベースの整体院  杉並区・西荻窪  鴨下療法所 

S-san is also very short of exercise due to the coronavirus.
I will be less worried about walking, and I am worried about the impact on health if I am not walking well.

Mrs.S is walking before correction.

I might be worried about the strength of the muscles on the outside of the thigh and the small movements of the pelvis that tend to rotate the right leg.
It can be said that you are walking with only your legs.
However, compared to before, the toes are also much straighter and the pelvis is moving.

Mrs.S is walking after correction.

Is what changed that I feel comfortable in walking?
This is the stability that was born because the muscle of the outside of the thigh was still loose and the pelvis was on the leg.

Mrs.S-like walking task


  • To straighten your toes

  • Because the right pelvis is easy to move forward, a slightly larger stride on the left leg and a smaller stride on the right leg will improve the balance.

  • I would like you to walk with the image of walking from the pelvis, but if it is too strong, it will turn a lot, so let’s continue practicing walking compactly from the pelvis. .

    Before coming to our office, Mrs. S seems to have had a left shoulder hurt and had been going to the manipulative clinic for a long time, but since it was an operation only around the shoulder, although it was comfortable for several days after the operation, it returned to its original state. It seems that he had been returning for a long time, but recently he has forgotten his shoulder pain.

    After the cause of the pain was found to be due to the fact that the opening of the right hip joint affected the left shoulder, it seems that the cause of the pain of unknown cause was found and the mind was calmed down.

    I feel that I have become more reliable because I have become habitual little by little every day such as bending and stretching exercises.

    Even in the latter half of the 70s, the body will change due to hard work.
    Unfortunately, there is no movie about how to walk when this person is the first time to come to our place, but I walked a little while turning the right leg from the outside and dragging it a little, and both toes were wide open.

    1 If the goal is 1 point and the goal is 10 points, is it currently about 6 points?
    The first step is to eliminate pain, and then preventive medicine that eliminates pain buds that may occur in the future.

    Thorough instruction on how to walk! Isogai therapy-based manipulative clinic that thinks walking is the basis of living Suginami Ward, Nishi-Ogikubo Kamoshita Therapeutics Studio