礒谷式力学療法 鴨下療法所 骨盤の歪み 骨盤矯正""







  1. 赤線・・・左右骨盤の高低差
  2. 緑線・・・鎖骨の左右の高低差
  3. 黄色丸・・坐骨孔の大きさ
  4. 水色線・・骨盤の幅の左右差
  5. ピンク丸・・大転子で見る大腿骨の向き

 私の立場ではレントゲン写真で診断はもちろん出来ませんから、こういう風に見るんですよと上のイラストの礒谷療法の要図に記された骨盤の形と大腿骨の向きの見方のポイントを説明すると、「本当だ!! 何で変わってないって言われたんだろう?」と不思議がられていました。



骨盤の転位によりそれがどうして起こっているかもわかるのは礒谷療法だけ 杉並区・西荻窪 鴨下療法所



Red line: Height difference between left and right pelvis
Green line ・ ・ ・ Height difference between left and right clavicle
Yellow circle … Size of ischial hole
Light blue line … Left-right difference in pelvic width
Pink circle … The orientation of the femur as seen by the greater trochanter

The pelvis is almost solidified with hard ligaments, so a manipulative teacher told me that it wouldn’t move unless there was a pregnancy or childbirth or an accident.

It was a problem.
It is clear from an X-ray that the pelvis is distorted and dislocated …

A patient with a hip joint disease the other day brought an X-ray, saying, “If I took an X-ray of the hip joint the other day, the doctor told me that it would be the same as it was a year ago.” ..

Of course, from my point of view, it is not possible to make a diagnosis with X-rays, but when I explain how to see the shape of the pelvis and the orientation of the femur as shown in the outline of Isotani therapy, it is true. !! Why did it not change? ”Was wondered.

I think that the person who asked this question also consulted with a person who had a hard time in Western medicine.

We can give you advice on the points to look at X-rays instead of diagnosis, so please feel free to contact us.

Only Isogai therapy can understand why it is caused by pelvic dislocation Suginami-ku, Nishiogikubo Kamoshita Therapy Center