1.  足先を開いて歩く・・・スネの前外の筋肉が緊張しているので、外反母趾や巻き爪の原因になる
  2.  大股で歩く・・・O脚になり脚を開く筋肉のみが強くなり、坐骨神経痛、腰痛の原因になる
  3.  下を見て歩く・・・骨盤が動かなくなり大腿の外側の筋肉しか使わなくなり、膝痛、腰痛の原因になる








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Last time, I wrote that the greatest weapon given to humans is “walking for a long time”, but the body is also made that way muscularly.

The muscles in the legs are the largest and are made strong.

And if you don’t walk properly, your muscles will be out of balance.

For example …

  1. Walk with your toes open … Because the muscles in front of and outside the sneak are tense, it may cause hallux valgus and ingrown nails
  2. Walking with a stride … Only the muscles that open the legs become stronger and cause sciatica and lower back pain.
  3. Looking down and walking … The pelvis does not move and only the muscles on the outside of the thigh are used, causing knee pain and back pain.

    It’s like


    And since the leg muscles are connected to the pelvis, the pelvis is distorted, and because the pelvis is distorted, the spine is distorted, causing various diseases and pain.
    This kind of body distortion is gradually formed not only by walking but also by the habits of how to use the body in daily life such as how to stand and sit.
    The true nature of this distortion is that the bones are pulled due to the uneven distribution and bias of the muscles, but it is a phenomenon that occurs as a natural reaction to balance the body so that it does not fall under gravity.

    Therefore, it is ideal to perform muscle training to restore the balance of the whole body, but it is a very difficult task.

    Muscle training is considered to be good for your health because it temporarily increases cardiopulmonary function and metabolism, but there are many people who do not, so be careful.

    I think that ordinary people do not need much muscles other than legs.

    I think that muscle training is sufficient by using your body as much as possible without skipping your daily life, doing it properly, walking as much as possible correctly, or doing the Isotani-style bending and stretching exercises.

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