Patients from overseas to Nisiogikubo


It is a manipulative clinic located a 3-minute walk from Nishi-Ogikubo Station in Tokyo.

It is a Japanese original manipulative treatment that prepares the skeleton of the whole body from the hip joint. And at our clinic, we offer original treatments that combine the latest healing device cs60 with the historical technology.

Patients from overseas backpain kneepain Tokyo bodywork
r. Franck taught the cognitive functions of the elderly at a nurse’s school in Germany. He came to Japan to study acupuncture and moxibustion, and he came to our office because of his experience of having his knee hurt in Germany and having it fixed by a German therapist, Sandra. He also became interested in our MUSUBI BODY MESODS and started studying. And his friends and acquaintances from overseas who were interested in the treatment came to receive the treatment one after another.
 フランクさんはドイツで高齢者の認知機能を看護婦さんの学校で教えていらっしゃいました。日本には鍼灸の勉強のために来られ、以前ドイツで膝が痛かった時にドイツの治療家サンドラさんに直してもらった経験から当所に来られました。そして、当所のMUSUBI BODY ESODSにも興味を持たれ勉強を始められました。そして、その施術に興味を持たれた彼の海外からのご友人、知人が続けて施術を受けに来てくださいました。
Patients from overseas backpain kneepain Tokyo therapy
The place is easy to find and reachable by public transport. Kamoshita-san speaks English so the communication works very well. After only one session I could feel a difference! He also showed me exercises I can do at home to continue my Isogai journey. Totally recommended and hope to see you next time in in Tokyo.
Patients from overseas backpain kneepain Tokyo
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Mr.Andrew is from German.
Andrew Tokyo bodywork therapy kneepain backpain
Mis Vivian is from Blazil.
pain during travel tokyo bodywork therapy
MIs Pirkko Kettner is from Austria.
Es war eine tolle Erfahrung! Mein Körper fühlt sich nach der isogai Behandlung super geschmeidig und „richtig“ im lot an. Kamoshita erklärt ausführlich was er tut und das Ganze in sehr gutem Englisch! Ich werde wieder hingehen!

Many people from overseas come to Kamoshita Therapy Center. If your back or knees hurt during your trip, please come visit us. We will prepare your body by correcting your hip joints, and we will also teach you how to walk and exercise to relieve pain yourself.

For contact, please make a reservation by LINE QR code, email, or phone on the homepage.
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