Q&A  筋トレは不要なんですか?










ここで、バランスを取る方法としては、強く緊張してしまったモモの外の筋肉を緩めるという方法が有ります。 硬いところをストレッチする、例えばヨガ、自彊術、体操、マッサージ、温泉などです。
これはこれで必要な事です。 血流も良くなりますし、人間に本来備わっている自然治癒力も発現しやすくなるからです。







“Because muscle training is unnecessary, it was told in the body of the body that I was talking about not to do, but what is it?”
I have a question for some patients.

Those who are told that muscle training is unnecessary, for example, why do you think that the cat backs are going to happen?

Do you think that bones will bend freely?

I believe that under the influence of gravity, the result of trying to balance the body so that the body does not fall over due to unbalance of the muscles of the legs will be a backstop.

In other words, it becomes an O leg ⇒ the pelvis is pulled behind ⇒ The weight gained behind makes the back curl up to balance the front and rear weights

I think that this is the mechanism of the occurrence of the back stern.

Therefore, I aim to cure the O leg which is the cause first.

O legs are easy to do so because most of the people’s peach muscles are made strong, while also mentioning the lifestyle such as to hang up the floor and lift the heavy ones.

Here, as a method of balancing, there is a method of loosening the muscles outside of leg which has become strongly nervous. Stretch hard parts, such as yoga, jikyoujyutu, gymnastics, massage, hot springs and so on.
This is necessary for this. It also improves blood flow and it also makes it easier for human beings to develop the natural healing power that they originally have.

However, another thing you need to balance further is the weak muscle antagonizing the strong muscles outside the leg, the muscle train of the muscles inside the leg! !

In the first place, why the exterior muscles of the leg caused tension, the weakening of the muscles inside this leg is a major cause.

I can not agree with the idea that only muscle should be trained as blindly but I can not agree with the idea that muscle training is unnecessary.

So, my answer is “Muscle training to restore balance is necessary !!”

By the way, the treatment of our hospital, based on these ideas, we are doing both to loosen and to train.