Q:スパイクを履いて走ると遅くなります。 どうすればいいですか?







蛇足ながら、プチ自慢・・・私は高校時代、体育の時間の50メートル走を計る時にたまたま追い風に恵まれた事もあり、なかなかいい記録が出て、合同運動会(学校が大きかったので)で国立競技場のトラックで走る選手に選ばれて走ったんですよ。 緊張して雲の上を走っているようで100メートルが異常に長かったのはいい思い出です。

A: Although it is a question of those who are playing athletics, spikes are for running fast, but I also get tired when I wear a spike when playing soccer.

Here is the answer.

I will put my legs forward when I run.
Points eat into the ground and attract the weight of the body there.
At the same time, the hind leg kicks the ground to carry the body forward.

What is common to the movements of these front and back legs in different directions is the adductor muscle, the muscles inside the peach.
Especially, the adductor roll of the front leg side works strongly.

Therefore, there is a possibility that those who have fast legs due to the fast speed of getting out of their legs will not be quickened if they wear spikes.

So, if you are wearing a spike and who will run slower, we recommend that you increase training to train adductor reinforcement.

While boastful, Petit boast … I was a high-school student, I was blessed with a tail wind at the time I measured the 50-meter running time of physical education, there was quite a good record, a national sports festival (because the school was big) and a national I was chosen as a runner in a track in a stadium and ran. It seems that he is running nervously and running over the clouds and it is a good memory that 100 meters was unusually long.




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