まずは腰痛が起こる原因を知りましょう。 ・・・OKそれは良いことです。

人は自然に椅子に座っている状態でも無意識に腰回りの筋肉を使っています。・・・重力の中で生活をする為には背骨を立てておく必要が有るので、背中の筋肉を使っています。 腰回りはなるべく休めたいから椅子に座っているんですよね? なるべく筋肉を使わない為の座り方が存在します。

正しい姿勢で座っているのであればそれら筋肉はしっかりと働き、腰痛を防止する効果を表します。・・・筋肉が働くから腰痛防止になるのではありません。 身体が歪むから筋肉に余計な緊張を作り腰痛が起こります。 正座でも椅子すわりでも筋肉が余計に緊張しない座り方をしないと正座でも腰痛の原因にはなりますし、かえって股関節のねじれを助長することも考えられるんです。

しかしながら体にとって良くない姿勢で長時間椅子に座り続けると、骨格が筋肉や神経を それだけの時間刺激し続けます。結果的に無駄なエネルギーを消費することになり、 腰回りの筋肉は疲労してしまいます。 その繰り返しが筋肉を弱らせ、いずれは腰への負担を増加させ腰痛の原因となります。 ・・・結果だけはその通りですね。 しかし、筋肉の緊張が骨を引っ張り体が歪むので、骨が神経を圧迫するのではありません。筋肉が血管や神経を圧迫するんです。 筋肉は使うと疲労して弱る、という事は有りません。 ただ緊張すると拘縮して、使えなくなるんです。 

このような間違った椅子への座り方による腰への過重な負担が神経を傷つけ 腰痛を招くことがあります。・・・その通りです。







This sentence is a preface of “A chair is selected correctly” which was written on a certain site.
I will examine how much it is different from me.
The red letter is my opinion.

Let’s start with the cause of low back pain. OK … That’s a good thing.

Even when people sit naturally in a chair, they unconsciously use the muscles around their waist. …. In order to live in gravity it is necessary to keep the spine upright, so I use the muscles of my back. Because I want to rest as much as possible I am sitting in a chair, right? There is a way to sit for not using muscle as much as possible.

If you are sitting in the correct position, those muscles will work firmly and show the effect of preventing back pain. … It will not prevent back pain because muscle works. Because the body is distorted, back muscle creates extra tension and low back pain occurs. Even if you are sitting or chairing, your muscles will not be tensioned unnecessarily. If you do not sit in a sitting position, it will cause lumbago, and it is possible to promote twisting of the hip joint instead.

However, if you keep sitting in a chair for a long time with a bad posture, the skeleton continues to stimulate your muscles and nerves for that much time. As a result, wasteful energy will be consumed and the muscles around the waist will be fatigued. The repetition weakens the muscle, which increases the burden on the waist and causes back pain. … Only the results are right. However, the tension of the muscles pulls the bones and the body is distorted, so the bones do not squeeze the nerves. My muscles squeeze blood vessels and nerves. There is no thing that muscles tired and weaken when using it. Just being nervous will contract and contract us. In case

An excessive burden on the waist due to such a wrong way to sit on a chair may cause nervousness and lower back pain. ···That’s right.

Although the beginning and the end have matched perfectly, the theory at the very bottom of the theory is entirely different.

Unfortunately, if the theory differs, it will not be the way I sit down.

By the way, the good attitude that I think is “the posture that the body is unreasonable most in gravity = posture with less muscle tension”.
So what you want from a chair makes it easy to take that attitude.

It is cool in design! Although I also like to say …

Everyone, please choose a chair where you can have a good sitting, when you can not choose it, how can you sit down by devising?

It is difficult to explain in general as it is slightly different for each person sitting, so please come and remember that reason.




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