Any Hip joint problem,please ask me

Isogai Dynamic Therapy has hisotry in 70years.
That methods are only one technique of hip joint in the world.
Please ask me about every hip joint problem,disease of a hip joint,painfull of hip joint,problem of walking.
I treat on joint which mean is I use a hip joint to manipulate the pelvis adjusted.
Which techniques looks like an Osteopathic but totaly different.
Because this techniques has a reasen that why is that trable happened.

For exanple,
M.tensor faciae latae and Tractus iliotibialis are shrinks makes hip joint abduction,and that makes M.gluteas also shrinks.
So that makes pelvis move to the back.
FInaly that makes cat back(stoop-shouldered).
Then ,I treat on hip joint which a problem is settled .

So I am sorry for my poor English.
when speak slowly , I guess there are no problem at all.



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